Neuromodulation: the Science
an Origin Story

May 02, 2019 by NTS Conference in  NTS News

By: Dr. Elliot Krames
Founding Editor-in-Chief, Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface; Past President, International Neuromodulation Society (INS)

The seminal idea for Neuromodulation: The Science (NTS) was to have a forum to advance pre-clinical neuromodulation science.  I have always been passionate about the emerging discoveries and there was a need to promote this science, bringing together bioengineers, neuroscientists, interested clinicians and members of industry.  At the time I was president of the INS, I presented the INS Board with a provocative idea: to create a meeting that was solely dedicated to the dissemination of new and exciting pre-clinical science of neuromodulation.

Ultimately, the Board declined, but I felt I should persevere, knowing there was an audience for this scientific collaboration. I decided to explore whether I could host such a meeting myself.  Knowing that Eric Grigsby, MD, the CEO and Founder of Neurovations shared my excitement about the field of neuromodulation, I proposed a potential partnership.  Without hesitation, Dr. Grigsby agreed.

What followed was the creation and management of three such meetings.  The first, called Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System: Mechanisms of Action, was held in Florida in 2014, followed by two later events called Neuromodulation: the Science (NTS), held in San Francisco in 2016 and in Cleveland in 2018, respectively.

Building on the success of the previous meetings, Drs. Grigsby and I have teamed up with Marom Bixom, PhD of NYC Neuromodulation (NYCN) to produce the fourth meeting, aptly called Neuromodulation: the Science & NYC Neuromodulation.  This meeting will be held in Napa Valley, California on October 3 – 6, a truly exciting time in Northern California.  Scents of the annual grape harvest and the fermentation of wine hang in the air around Napa in early October.

The marriage between NTS and NYCN brings together the new and exciting preclinical sciences of invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation.  If you are a bioengineer or neuroscientist in the field of neuromodulation, an interested clinician, venture capitalist or member of industry, this is the meeting designed for advancement in the field.

NTS/NYN2019 has gathered a stellar faculty of well-known scientists and engineers in the field from around the world.  Sessions include topics on neural engineering, deep brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, closed loop brain machine interfacing, bioelectronic medicine, non-invasive brain stimulation, and non-invasive stimulation of organ systems.  Each sessions will be introduced by the session chair followed by three talks on new and exciting science. Oral presentations of abstracts and discussion between the presenters and audience will follow.

Aside from the robust scientific schedule, fun activities are planned for the meeting.  A tasting of the Rocca Wines produced by Dr. Grigsby’s wife, Mary, and the wines produced by my vineyard, Krames Wines, will be presented.

Don’t miss the 2019 Joint Meeting of Neuromodulation: The Science & NYC Neuromodulation. Register today.

Elliot S. Krames, MD

Conference Director

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