Staying Safe at Neuromodulation: The Science

Neurovations Education looks forward to welcoming you to NTS. The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. Thank you in advance for abiding by these rules and restrictions. and safety is our number one priority and Neurovations Education is taking every step to ensure safety including limited capacity, sanitization, and testing

Neurovations Education is responsible for the verification of the vaccine. Neurovations Education will work with N3 Laboratories to offer tests in advance and on-site for those not vaccinated or able to show proof of registration. Due to this, on-site registration will not be allowed.

Testing and Fully Vaccinated Individuals

All persons from outside the state of Hawaii must be fully vaccinated in order to attend

Classroom attendance is limited to individuals with full proof of vaccination

Attendees from Hawaii may participate if they are not yet fully vaccinated but provide evidence of a negative COVID test within 24 hours of the start of the conference. These individuals will be limited to non-vaccinated sections and cannot be seated within 6 feet of other attendees.

Subject to Change

Requirements are subject to update and revision as federal, state, and local jurisdictions provide new and revised guidance.

Contact in the event that special arrangements are required.

Attendee Requirements

All attendees must:

• Follow all COVID protocols.

• Monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID before arriving at the conference.

• Pre-register. On-site registrations and substitutions cannot be permitted.

• Use only assigned seating in meeting spaces.

• Wear a mask in all meeting spaces.

• Have their temperature checked each morning.