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Winter 2021

Neuromodulation: The Science exists to advance research, dissemination of knowledge, and implementation of new findings within neuromodulation. Conference founder, Elliot Krames, MD established the journal Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface in 1998 as the preeminent journal to advance basic science research in the field of neuromodulation. Neuromodulation: The Science is the next step.

Through partnership with Neuromodec and the Neural Interfaces Conference (NIC), the Neuromodulation: the Science integrates brain stimulation, imaging, AR/VR wearables, and digital healthcare to provide attendees with relevant and up-to-date insights on emerging science and technologies from bench to bedside and home use.

Advancing Neuromodulation Through Collaboration Between Invasive and
Non-Invasive Stimulation Science and Technology

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``This amazing conference was particularly meaningful because there aren't many conferences where engineers, scientists and clinicians work together``

Neurovations Education designs national conferences in pain, neuroscience, chronic conditions, and emerging medicine. We take pride in creating world-leading opportunities for learning, collaboration, and networking.

NEUROMODEC is a free online service created to support the development of neuromodulation through the integration of shared resources, research tools, professional standards, events and inter-institution collaboration.

Conference Diversity and Accessibility

Neuromodulation: the Science is committed to representing the diversity in the field of neurotechnology and supporting activities that enhance diversity now and in the future. This commitment includes the recognition of all people, regardless of race, nationality, creed, disability, or gender identity. As such, harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated during any conference activities. Concerns and violations should be reported immediately to the Accessibly and Diversity Committee (diversity@neuromodec.com).

The conference is committed to accessibility for all meeting events. Should any individual need assistance or have questions about accessibility, please let the committee know (accessibility@neuromodec.com).