Bengt Linderoth, MD, PhD´s recent and on-going research projects can be regarded as “translational research” and relate mostly to physiological mechanisms of spinal cord stimulation for neurogenic pain and ischemic syndromes e.g. intractable angina pectoris, and for heart failure, but also to clinical studies e.g. on pharmacological enhancement of effects of neurostimulation and neurostimulation for colonic disorders. Other projects cover treatments for facial pain syndromes, deep-brain stimulation (DBS) for movement disorders and stereotactic cell implantations in Alzheimer´s disease as well as intraventricular infusion of PDGF in Parkinson´s disease. Dr Linderoth has published more than 120 original papers on these subjects and 100 book chapters and reviews. He collaborates with research teams from several universities; – besides the Swedish Universities incl. the Technical University of Linköping, and Umeå University – also the Oklahoma University Center for Health Sciences, University of Maastricht NL, Johns Hopkins University Baltimore USA and Helsinki University Finland.

Dr. Linderoth is professor emeritus and former head of the Section of Functional Neurosurgery; and current faculty at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. He holds a position as adj. professor of physiology at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, OK USA  and Hon. Prof. at the University of Maastricht NL (2016-2017).

Dr. Linderoth has remained in full clinical service throughout his > 30 years in neurosurgery. The basic physiological research have served to enhance and expand that clinical practice, and have been made possible  only with the assistance of doctoral students, post-docs, guest researchers and competent technical staff. Dr Linderoth is still a  part-time clinical consultant at the Karolinska Pain Centers.

Linderoth has received many awards and prizes, both internationally and in Sweden.