Kerry Bradley, trained as an Electrical Engineer, has worked in an R&D, Clinical, and Research capacity in implantable electrical stimulation for 27 years.  Working for St Jude Medical in the 1990s, he developed algorithms for pacemaker optimization in bradycardia and heart failure.  He joined Advanced Bionics in the year 2000 to research and develop the patient-controlled stimulation fitting algorithms for the Precision SCS system.  After Boston Scientific acquired Advanced Bionics in 2004, he designed and participated in small-scale clinical studies for technical and parameter optimization, focusing predominantly in SCS.  He joined Nevro in 2013, where he leads a research team focusing on clinical and preclinical investigations into mechanisms of action of HF10 Therapy.  He has collaborated on several peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, numerous presentations and posters in biomedical engineering, and holds over 100 patents.