Professor Stuart Cogan worked at EIC Laboratories prior to joining the faculty at The University of Texas at Dallas. At EIC, he was responsible for developing and managing a research and development program in neural stimulation and recording with support primarily from The National Institutes of Health. Professor Cogan was also extensively involved in developing thin-film optical switching devices based on electrochemically-driven phenomenon of electrochromism.

Cogan’s research interests focus on materials and devices for stimulation and recording of the nervous system. The research emphasizes the development and characterization of materials and devices that are stable in long-term chronic implants and that safely provide therapeutic levels of stimulation. Prof. Cogan’s research involves thin film fabrication of multielectrode devices, the development of implantable encapsulation, electrochemical characterization and long-term testing in the laboratory and in vivo, and the study of stimulation-induced electrode and tissue damage mechanisms